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A selfmade rustication tool

For rustic pipe finishes, one can use a variety of tools, such as a Dremel style power tool, a drill bit, or a carving knife.
Another option would be this dangerous looking tool. It gives a nice finish and allows a speedy progress.

Rustication tool

All the parts can be bought from a hardware store or a plumber's shop. You will need:
- hardened steel nails of suitable length (here 80 mm),
- a so called double-nipple 3/4" x 60 mm,
- a reducing socket 3/4" to 1"

First, cut the heads off the nails. Hardened nails are, well, very hard, so a small angle grinder may the tool of your choice.
Than, sharpen the tips of the nails using a bench grinder. As the hardness will be lost if the steels gets too hot, work slowly and cool with water.

Put a bunch of the sharpened nails into the pipe, The tips should be all flush. Fix the nails either by wegding with a few smaller nails or by welding the end.

The reducing socket only serves as a handle. You can also screw in a 1" blind plug to keep the nails fixed.

To work with this tool, push the tips into the wood and twist the tool. It may need some practise, but the result will be quite good looking.

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