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Make your own polishing buffs

This text as well as the images are published here by courtesy of Werner Seidenberg.

Polishing buffs can be made cheaply and easily at home. All one needs are some old linen sheets, two washers of approximately 20 mm, and a few tools that most people have around anyay.
Take a kitchen bowl, diameter for example 16 cm, as a template and draw like 40 circles onto the sheets. Cut out all the discs.

Now, stack the linen discs. On the top one, mark the center. Put thin wooden boards on top and below the stack. You should drill a hole into the top board to serve as a jig. Place that hole exactly on the marked center of the top disc. Use vices to clamp the boards tightly together. Now, drill the hole all the way through the linen discs. Remove the boards and put a long screw or threaded rod through the hole. Do not forget the washers before tightening the nuts. The end of the screw or rod can be clamped into the chuck of a drill press or lathe.

If you want to attach the buff to a spindle, the buff can also be built without the center screw. Therefore, drill three evenly spaced holes into the washers. Place the washers on the disc stack and drill the three holes in the washers through the discs. Fix the washers with smaller screws, for example 4 mm. Tighten the nuts carefully. For extra safety, use self-locking nuts or hammer the screw end like a rivet.



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