... nur echt mit dem Punkt!

My selfmade buffing machine ...

Just the motor w/o wheels
A typical 150 Watt bench grinder motor. The safety enclosure and the grinding discs are removed

An adaptor
A 19 mm wrench size nut was turned out to be used as an adaptor for the DanPipe buffs.

DanPipe buffs mounted
A buff mounted. As the thread on the shaft was a bit short, a spacer is placed under the nut.

with two buffs
The machine equipped with two soft buffs for carnauba finish. These buffs were made to order and sit directly on the shaft, without a need for an adaptor.

Sanding disc as extra option
A 250 Watt machine. The shaft end thread accepts angle grinder accessories with M14 mount, such as this sanding disc.

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